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Divine Feminine Flow

“Re-Claim Your Power, Your Energetic Flow and

Re-Discover Your Magic in Midlife.” ~Skye Vonn

Skye Vonn - Villa Blue Skye Women Wellness Retreats

Every summer, I spend a week with women from all over the world at my Divine Feminine Flow Retreat. The closing ritual is designed to honor the Maidens, Mothers, and Crone energy.

“We are not just women gathered this night. We are women of every race , creed or color, we come from every corner and curve of the world. While we may not all be related by the blood of our veins, we are deeply connected by the blood of our wombs – even if we have yet to experience the flow, even if the flow has long ceased.”


We discuss the energy of the Triple Goddess. We dress in the color that represent the Goddess we resonate with at the time, White for the maiden, Red for the Mother and Black for the Crone. One by one, each one give tribute to the Goddess she represents. Here are a few examples:

I honor the story of the Maiden. I honor the seeds within me and scatter them as I go.   

I honor the story of the Maiden. I represent unlimited potential.


I honor the story of the Mother. I remember to nourish and nurture myself.

I honor the story of the Mother. I offer warmth and light to tender shoots.


I honor the Crone, I summon wisdom into our lives.

I honor the story of the Crone. I know what it means to release and let go. I have the power to cut the threads of that which is finished.


On the beach under Mother Moon, you could be feeling any one of the three energies, remember, age doesn’t matter. What does is that you acknowledge the energy and work with it. During Ritual, we sing, dance, drum, light candles, work with gemstones, write or draw and Say out loud, “I am the Maiden.” Or, “I am the Mother.” Or, “I am the Crone.” You’ll discover layers of meaning only your heart can know. 🌞🌙✨💕

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