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Stroke Survivors

Becoming Whole Again

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain”

~Vivian Greene, 


They come to Villa Blue Skye exhausted and overwhelmed. Family caregivers who take on the challenge of caring for family members with 

Dementia have been called "Silent Casualties."

Through a blend of experiential activities, guided meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and group discussion, participants are empowered with new tools, knowledge, and community connection to more skillfully navigate the challenges of being a caregiver. You’ll learn to see that the power of change starts from within, how to work through stuck places, and how to cultivate more fulfilling and compassionate relationships with themselves and others.

Trauma, irritability anxiety, depression, overwhelm, anger, and guilt are just a few adjectives that come to mind when and life-altering events can create a disconnect with everyone and everything. States of hyper-vigilance and numbness can cycle.  Your mental physical and spiritual life can suffer. You can feel detached, irritable, anxious, and highly reactive in a myriad of ways.

Traumas highjack our sense of well-being and true purpose.

Many caregivers have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Acute Stress Disorder. The good news is you can recover and be restored. You can get your life back and live well again or maybe for the first time.

This experience doesn't have to define you. It can refine you. With reframing and proper processing, you can learn to reconnect with yourself and others. It's all about perspective, sometimes when we're caught up in the stress it's hard to see another way. During your time here at Villa Blue Skyes you will open to new perspectives and learn to use this challenge for yours and your loved ones benefit.


Your healing starts here. During group sessions and individual sessions with Skye Vonn and her team, you will leave with a complete plan that will totally transform your situation. Each plan will be individual and specific to your current challenges. Check the sample itinerary below to see what this Retreat will look like for you.

They leave Villa Blue Sky With A Renewed sense of "I got this."  they leave with a better understanding of their plight, they leave with a brand new set of tools that will pull them through, they leave with a brand new perspective, they leave rested and hopeful.  They leave with a whole team behind them to help with resources and questions they may have down the road, they leave at peace.

Key Themes


Adjusting Expectations

Adapting To Change

Finding Acceptance

Pulling The Pieces Together

Living In Peace





Here at Villa Blue Skyes, we facilitate twelve retreats per year on the beautiful and healing islands of the Caribbean. Most of our retreats are Therapeutic Coaching based and held in small groups of eight to ten individuals, so that everyone gets adequate time, attention. Retreats are all-inclusive EXCLUDING Energy Medicine Spa Treatments and Airfare, however, if you book your flight through Villa Blue Skyes you will receive $100 off your total round trip airfare. Your Booking Agent will share the details with you.

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