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You will be gently guided to your recovery in an individualized solution-focused approach. Brief and simple lessons about neuroscience and other biological, psychological and spiritual aspects of trauma will be explored. Guided meditations are in several lessons. Brief affirmations with music are available with every lesson.

These lessons include insights such as:


  • Learning to recognize triggers and gain self-regulation.


  • Guided imagery, creative and curative visualization and grounding exercises.


  • Brief neuroscience education to help you understand and recondition physiologic responses.


  • Breaking the cycle of reenactment, re-victimization and rescuing behavior.


  • How to find true trust.


  • Forgiveness and vengeance in the context of your trauma.


  • Cleansing of guilt, shame and blame.


  • Dealing with flashbacks, flooding, numbing and nightmares.


  • Learning resilience and gaining neuroplasticity through creative expression.


  • Spiritual and emotional healing.

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